Raw Material

Quality first is Inteqc Flour Mill

"Quality first" is Inteqc Flour Mill core business moodel, we believe that our consumers deserve the best quality products. In order to produce the best quality products, first the best quality raw materials are required. Therefore, we have procure wheats from across the globe to produce the best quality flour for our customers. Additionally, Inteqc Flour Mill is equipped with 12 silos with total capacity of 36,000 metric tons, to always preserve our raw materials at it best condition.

Food safety/Certificate

Quality and Safety for our consumers

Quality and safety for our consumers is Inteqc Flour Mill top priority. To ensure this we choose to have a turnkey project of our Flour Mill built by Buhler, the global market leader of flour production plant. We then implement the QualityManagement System to guarantee the safety, and hygienic of our products. The system helps ensure the precisionin the production process which render steady quality in our products. Additionally, the system enabled the traceaibility of the production process to ensure the quality of our products. Our system is regularly audited and verified by certified organization conformimg with the global quality standards, norms, laws and regulations requirements. As a result we are recognized by GHPs ,HACCP ,ISO22000 ,FSSC22000 and HALAL

Science and Technology

Research and development

Research and development of products and services is key to Inteqc Flour Mill sufficient growth. At Inteqc Flour Mill we strive to continuously develop new products and services for our customers utmost satisfaction. Our researchers also eager to help and work with our customers on flour formulating as well as tailor made flour.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is also an important aspect

Inventory management is also an important aspect of Inteqc Flour Mill. We implemented systems that can efficiently synchronize raw materials supply and end products demand. Our customers can reassure knowing that our products and raw materials are always fresh.

Logistics Management

We implement the resource management system (ERP : SAP)

We implement the resource management system (ERP : SAP) for promptness and precision of our delivery. The system helps manage the organization resources, result in better forecast and raw materials allocation. For our customers satisfaction, bulk truck in also available for delivery.