Expert in wheat flour production
Inteqc Flour Mill was established in 2017. We aim to satisfy every aspect of our customers' needs, hence we are ready to adapt to the ever changing market demand. By integrating the most advance western-style machinery and technologies, together with our experienced management team and our raw material assortment system to select wheat from the best origin mainly from USA, Europe and Australia. We promise to serve safely, efficiently and sustainably to all of our customers across the globe.
Inteqc Flour Mill is a part of “Inteqc Group” which founded in 1994. The group incorporates integrated businesses involving every aspect of human consumption, consisting of additives, vitamins, minerals, feed manufacturing, livestock breeding/ farming (swine), aquaculture (shrimp), research and development sector to satisfy our customers' demands. Whilst, Inteqc Flour Mill focuses on the food businesses which include flour milling, processed foods, ready to eat and frozen food, etc. Its fundamental product lines are flour for feed and food industry,     premixes, while tailored made products for any industrial usage is also available.
“Additionally, Society and environment are our major concerns. We strive to improve the well-being of people
around our vicinity, as a result we regularly give out scholarships or career opportunities to the current colleagues' relatives.
We also operate on the basis of integrity to ensure that our business is truly safe and sustain to improve better
living condition for everyone in the society and the future generations.