0How can I trust in the quality of Inteqc Flour Mill products?
Because Inteqc Flour Mill is operating by a team of experienced staffs whom individually considered to be veteran in the Flour milling industry of Thailand.
In addition, our production system and products are guaranteed by the FDA , GHPs , HACCP , ISO22000 FSSC22000 and HALAL
1Can I visit Inteqc Flour Mill production facility it products quality?
Customers are welcome to visit our production facility and storage area conforming to the rules and regulations of the company to ensure that we offer best quality products to our customers.
2I would like to know more about the product shelf-life.
3 months from production date for package with net weight of 22.5 Kg.
6 months from production date for package with net weight of 1 or 2 Kg.
3What should I do if I want to learn more regarding buying or representing the products?
For more information you can contact our Sales support at +663-485-1228 or submit you question through the "Contact us".
4I would like to learn more about the delivery system.
1. Our own vehicles with coverage protecting the products from unwanted-external contamination such as rain, wind, dust and etc. each operates by our well-trained staffs.
2. Outsource from delivering experts with products assurance contract to guarantee the products condition as well as our customer' satisfaction.
5Could you explain more on how to best handle the product.
1. It is advise to use the product with shortest shelf-life first.
2. Keep the product at room-temperature, avoid being expose to the sunlight or moist.
3. It is advise not to lay the product on the floor or wall as the flour can absorb moisture.
4. It is advise to thoroughly sealed the package after each usage.
5. Storing the product in the refrigerator will help prolong its shelf-life.